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From June to December 2015, 5 Local Working Groups in Italy, Spain, Denmark, Ghana and Senegal undertook a research about music traditions in their country with the final aim to discover and record traditional songs at risk to be forgotten.

Each LWG travelled around, interviewing people, musicians and experts in the field.

A total of 44 traditional songs have been recorded: listen the online compilation of BOEMI!

You can find it also on Youtube and Soundcloud!



Brudestykke Sønderho

Præstens kone

Polska Amfiscenen

Fremmede Land

Hamborg Sekstur, polka



Taxi Driver

Sisi bom

Pete Pete

Me preko


I and my shorty are one

All for you


Canto di spartenza

Song performed by Matilde Politi, a folk songwriter from Palermo. The song, called canto di spartenza, describes the distance, the abandonment and the farewell of a lover who has to leave the community for different reasons.  

Lu tamburellu meu

Music performed with a traditional instrument from Italy, tamburello. Performed by Livia Giaffreda.

Santu Paulu

This traditional song from Salento (IT) is about Saint Paul defending the people from spider bites during their work in the land. Performed by Livia Giaffreda.

Canto dei Salinari

During the picking of the salt, the workers, Salinari, used to sing in order to count the baskets filled with salt and to keep the rhythm during work.


Sicilian traditional ironic song about a poor barber. Performed by Nino Nobile.


Music performed by Nino Nobile with a traditional Sicilian instrument, mandolino.

U parrinu

This song s about a father who wanted his son to become a priest, but the boy didn’t want to because he liked women. The protagonist of the song is the son who felt in love with a girl attending the church. Performed by Nino Nobile.

E sulu vegnu

A traditional Sicilian serenade performed by Nino Nobile.


Traditional song from Senegal [n.7]

Traditional song from Senegal [n.6]

Traditional song from Senegal [n.5]

Traditional song from Senegal [n.4]

Traditional song from Senegal [n.3]

Traditional song from Senegal [n.2]

Traditional song from Senegal [n.1]


Traditional song from Cataluña 4

Traditional song from Cataluña 3

Traditional song from Cataluña 2

Traditional song from Cataluña 1

Seixido tema 6 (cayó la luna)

Seixido tema 5 (muñeira do mei..)

Seixido tema 4 (jota do mei..)

Seixido tema 3 (as labradas)

Seixido tema 2

Seixido tema 1

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